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 Course Title:   Digital Videography

 Title Abbreviation:   DIGITAL VIDEOGRAPHY

 Department:    MIT

 Course #:    212

 Credits:    5

 Variable:     No

 IUs:    5

 CIP:    n/a

 EPC:    n/a

 REV:    2014

 Course Description  

Introduction to digital videography. Essential techniques and hands on training on digital video equipment to capture quality digital video footage.


Prerequisite: Strongly recommended: computer literacy and file management skills.

Additional Course Details

Contact Hours (based on 11 week quarter)

Lecture: 55

Lab: 0

Other: 0

Systems: 0

Clinical: 0

Intent: Distribution Requirement(s) Status:  

Vocational Preparatory Required for certificate  

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Brainstorm a great video concept focused on a specific target audience.
  2. Create a storyboard, script and shot list before recording video footage.
  3. Capture digital video footage.
  4. Learn techniques for shooting special projects.
  5. Learn how to select the right location and choose the right camera for the project.
  6. Perform in-camera editing.
  7. Use camera angles intelligently.
  8. Use proper lighting.
  9. Understand when to move the camera and when to keep it still.
  10. Apply the Rule of Thirds when capturing video.

General Education Learning Values & Outcomes

Revised August 2008 and affects outlines for 2008 year 1 and later.

2. Critical Thinking

Definition: The ability to think critically about the nature of knowledge within a discipline and about the ways in which that knowledge is constructed and validated and to be sensitive to the ways these processes often vary among disciplines.

Outcomes: Students will be able to . . .
2.1 Identify and express concepts, terms, and facts related to a specific discipline.

7. Aesthetics & Creativity

Definition: Interpreting human experience through engagement with creative processes and aesthetic principles.

Outcomes: Students will be able to . . .
7.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the creative process.
7.2 Demonstrate knowledge of aesthetic principles.

10. Technology

Definition: Understanding the role of technology in society and using technology appropriately and effectively.

Outcomes: Students will be able to . . .
10.3 Use technology appropriate to the context and task to effectively retrieve and manage information, solve problems, and facilitate communication.

Course Contents

  1. Brainstorm a digital video concept.
  2. Digital video capture.
  3. Storyboards, scripts, and shot lists.
  4. Digital video equipment.