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 Course Title:   Word Processing for Healthcare Providers

 Title Abbreviation:   WORD PROC/HLTHCRE PROVID

 Department:    AHE

 Course #:    119

 Credits:    2

 Variable:     No

 IUs:    2.75

 CIP:    510801

 EPC:    381

 REV:    2013

 Course Description  

Discussion of computer components, care, and maintenance. Basic word processing skills for the medical setting to compose and format medical documents using appropriate computer software. Discussion of the influence of culture on communication with patients.


Prerequisite: Minimum 30 wpm typing speed.

Additional Course Details

Contact Hours (based on 11 week quarter)

Lecture: 22

Lab: 11

Other: 0

Systems: 0

Clinical: 0

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Vocational Supplementary Elective  

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. List basic computer components and their functions.
  2. Enter data into the computer using the proper keyboarding function keys.
  3. Become proficient in the use of selected computer word processing software.
  4. Use proper formats to produce assigned projects.
  5. Type from a rough draft and implement corrections from proofreader’s marks.
  6. Proofread assignments for proper use of language skills.

General Education Learning Values & Outcomes

Revised August 2008 and affects outlines for 2008 year 1 and later.

Course Contents

  1. Computer components and terminology.
  2. Keyboarding fundamentals, i.e. machine parts and functions, alpha, numerical, symbol and fundamentals, spacing and margins, horizontal and vertical centering, tabulation.
  3. Formats for selected documents, i.e. letters, memos, reports, tables and charts, manuscripts, statistical data, envelopes, labels, chart notes.
  4. Proofreading marks.
  5. Review of language skills, i.e. grammar, punctuation, capitalization, work division, plurals, possessives, spelling, numbers and abbreviations.
  6. Production of selected documents.