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Skagit Valley College logo with component definitions

About the Signature Logo

The official graphic signature (logo) of the college consists of the logotype Skagit Valley College, and the graphic elements of the mountain, river, and rising wave.

The mountain and river elements embody the tradition and spirit of Skagit Valley College and our geographic location in the Pacific Northwest. The rising wave represents the unity and expanded services provided by our Whidbey Island Campus, South Whidbey Center, and San Juan Center. Together, the elements represent the academic strengths, dignity, and reputation of the College as well as the spirit and the loyalty of its students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

The logotype and graphic elements must be used as ONE UNIT, as shown. The logotype and graphic elements should NEVER be used separately.

The graphic signature (logo) was introduced in September 2003 by the Public Information Office team of Arden Ainley, Don Cairns, and James Walters.

Adding the SVC logo for a Sponsorship

If your unit, department, or club plans to sponsor a non-college event or initiative where the SVC logo will be used on community posters and materials, please contact, 416-7716 BEFORE submitting the logo to ensure proper use and placement.

About the Tagline and Underbar

The tagline, "Where Learning Comes To Life", was incorporated with the signature (logo) to enhance its academic spirit and reinforce our mission of meeting the educational needs of our students and community. The underbar was included as a reference point for lining up address text and secondary identities (see Secondary Identities section of this publication) with the signature and tagline. The signature, tagline and underbar must be used together and applied to all print and electronic communications published by the college. The tagline and underbar must accompany the signature (logo) in most circumstances. Exceptions include situations where sizing of the logo proportions would take the tagline below a legible 6 pt type size. In these situations the tagline and underbar may be omitted. If you are unsure about sizing and use of the tagline and underbar, please contanct the Public Information Office before printing or web posting.

When applying the tagline to printed materials, the tagline, underbar, and signature never should be separated. On the certain Web situations, the tagline and underbar may be separated from the signature in order to increase its visual impact. Please contact the Public Information Office before posting.

Use only authorized artwork when reproducing the signature (logo), tagline and underbar. This ensures proper and consistent size and space relationship between the signature (logo), tagline and underbar.

Please refer to the Type Styles and Color Schemes section of this website for information regarding proper use of typeface (fonts)and colors when reproducing the signature (logo) and tagline.

Other Logo and seals

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Logo Downloads

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