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With the industry expected to grow, demand for knowledgeable brewers has never been higher. If you've considered entering the brewing and distilling industry, or want to pursue a wider knowledge of the business itself, join the craft brewing program today!

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  • Program Options

    The Craft Brewing Academy is unique in Washington State. The program provides an overview of the craft brewery/distillery business – from farm to glass. The certificate program is structured to help students learn brew science theory through hands-on experience in the brew laboratory and at local breweries/distilleries. The program includes industry professionals in the classroom, industry tours and several internship experiences at local breweries/distilleries.

  • Certificate Options

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  • Outcomes

    Graduates of the Craft Brew program will be able to:

    • Show competency in understanding the history of alcohol fer­mentation and the brewing of beer and distilled spirits, and how this history relates to the legacy and future of brewing/distilling.
    • Demonstrate the ability to utilize brew/distilling house facilities and brewing/distilling equipment.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the microbiology and biochemistry concepts of fermentation pertaining to the brewing of beer and distilled spirits.
    • Analyze and demonstrate the steps in the brewing process - grain handling, malting, yeast and fermentation processes, raw materials and wort production, beer production, quality control, packaging processes, flavor production, and control.
    • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of general physics, fluid dynamics and engineering concepts pertaining to the equipment used in the brewing of beer and distilled spirits.
    • Identify classic and craft-brew beer styles and describe produc­tion of each.
    • Analyze and evaluate business concepts of the brewing industry and the day-to-day activities involved with the operation of a sol­vent brewing/distilling facility.
    • Demonstrate the ability to design and brew a beer that meets gen­erally acceptable standards.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of sustainability practices for raw materi­als, water, energy, processing and brewery waste.
  • Costs, Financing & Success

    Certificate Program Costs

  • Schedule

    • September 19, 2016 – June 16, 2017 - Following the SVC academic calendar and breaks.
    • Class time: Monday & Wednesday - 6–9 p.m. and online
    • Brew Lab: Arranged
    Fall 2016
    • 101 - Culture of Craft Brew (3)
    • 103 - Biochemistry (4)
    • 105 - Raw Matierals (2)
    • 107 - Wort Production (4)

    Total: 13 credits

    Winter 2017
    • 110 - Brewery Operations (4)
    • 112 - Package & Processing (2)
    • 115 - Brewery Maintenance (2)
    • 120 - Essentials of QA/QC (2)
    • 125 - Flavor Production (2)
    • 128 - Industry Experience (2)

    Total: 14 credits

    Spring 2017
    • 130 - Business of Craft Brew (5)
    • 132 - Compliance (1)
    • 135 - Innovation (2)
    • 199 - Internship (5)

    Total: 13 credits

  • Program Expenses & Funding

    • SVC Tuition & Fees: Approximately $4,100
    • Program Lab Fees: $500
    • Books: Approximately $300
  • Program Entry & Registration

    In order to enroll, each student must:

    • Be 21 years of age or older
    • Have taken (or test into) college level math or have taken workforce math (WMATH 100). For options of how to place in Math, check

    The program is limited to 20 students, and program entry is first come, first serve. To get started vist:

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Cardinal Craft Brewing Academy
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For more information, please call (360) 416.2537.