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Multimedia & Interactive Technology

Today’s businesses and organizations need skilled professionals to design media-rich online content and responsive websites and program video game applications. Students graduating with a degree or certificate in Multimedia & Interactive Technology will be trained to manipulate text, graphics, and animation to design and develop content for online delivery. Students will be prepared for entry-level employment in web design and development, graphic arts, digital media marketing, digital photography, or video game development. Coursework includes web design, digital photography, image manipulation, illustration, user interface design, digital marketing, as well as programming and scripting basics.

Program Options

All of SVC's multimedia technology courses are offered online!

  • Web Designer, Associate in Technical Arts degree, a two-year program
  • Certificates, one-year programs emphasizing specific skills
    • Web Assistant Certificate
    • Adobe Certificate
    • Graphic Arts Certificate
    • Game & Web Development - this certificate is offered at NCTA and as such follows the NCTA schedule. Students must enter this program fall quarter. Please contact the department chair for details.
    • Digital Media Marketing Certificate
    • Individual Technical Certificate, designed to meet marketable objectives, approved by the department chair

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Multimedia and Interactive Technology program will

  • Be prepared for entry-level jobs in the digital media industry including graphics arts, digital photography, web design, and game development.
  • Use contemporary and industry standard media design tools, applications, technologies, processes and techniques to produce quality digital media products and solutions.
  • Demonstrate basic camera techniques and image manipulation skills including editing, painting, compositing, retouching, texturing and special effects for export into various media projects and websites.
  • Design and create vector illustrations and animation to be included in media projects and websites.
  • Design, develop, create, implement and maintain media-rich, user-friendly websites through the use of HTML, CSS, scripting, graphics and animation, typography, design, and development environments.
  • Analyze and critique media-rich applications and websites for aesthetic appeal, user-interface design and technical performance.
  • Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve the number and quality of visitors to a media-rich website as well as the website’s ranking on the most popular search engines.
  • Setup a Content Management Systems (CMS) website and effectively blog. 
  • Use simple logic and programming skills to design two-dimensional games.
  • Design and produce a professional web-based digital media portfolio featuring an archive of work over time demonstrating student aptitude and proficiency.

You May Study

  • Web Page Design & Development
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Digital Photography
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Animation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Image Creation & Manipulation
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Page Layout & Desktop Publishing
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Multimedia Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Video Game Programming

Why Skagit Valley College?

  • Exceptional instructors with experience in multimedia technology
  • Media technology labs with state-of-the-art computing & software
  • Online courses offer flexibility
  • Internships with local industry leaders provide real-world experience
  • Wide variety of program options to meet your specific needs

Career Opportunities

Today's businesses are looking for talented employees to design compelling websites and create opportunities for digital interactivity. This exciting field is highly competitive. Your job prospects will improve when you have the education and technical skills employers seek. Position titles include Webmaster, Web designer, Web developer, Web programmer, Web assistant, media assistant, media planner, interactive media specialist, interface designer, animation specialist, computer programmer, Flash programmer, graphic artist, computer specialist, modeler, game designer, game programmer, and game developer, digital marketing specialist, social media & marketing coordinator, digital media specialist, social media manager, social media director, social media analyst, social media developer, online advertising manager, and online advertising salesperson.

Your career choices include:

  • Web Designer
  • Animation Specialist
  • Flash Programmer
  • Web Assistant
  • Graphic Artist
  • Media Planner
  • Interface Designer
  • Interactive Media Specialist
  • Webmaster
  • Computer Programmer
  • Video Game Programmer

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