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Multimedia & Interactive Technology

Game design. Graphic design. Web design. App design. Video and Content Production. Demand has never been higher for skilled designers in these fields. These highly technical, creative professions provide tremendous opportunities for people with the right training. If you’re someone who’s both creative and analytical, and you’ve ever been fascinated by designing web sites, software or video games, then our Multimedia & Interactive Technology program could be the right fit for you.

Program Options

The Multimedia & Interactive Technology program will give you the skills you need to work in the dynamic, fast-paced world of interactive design — whether that’s working with games, apps or other web and interactive technologies.  Interactive design has a strong creative aspect, but also requires a high degree of technical skill. Our program addresses both sides of this field - the left and right brains - the expressive and the analytical.

The program is delivered fully online, so it offers maximum flexibility for all kinds of students, traditional and non-traditional. Many of our students have done their coursework in the evenings after work, so they could train for an exciting new profession. Others have been Running Start students interested in getting involved immediately. The training you’ll receive will prepare you for entry-level jobs that have a high degree of satisfaction, and you’ll build skills that are applicable to many different fields. You’ll complete an internship, build networking and other business skills, and learn client service and team collaboration as you pursue your ATA degree.

ATA Degree Options

  • Multimedia & Interactive Technology

Certificate Options

  • Web Assistant
  • Graphic Arts
  • Adobe
  • Game and Web Development
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Digital Video
  • Digital Photography Micro-certificate

See our All the Details page for complete degree and certificate information.

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