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Career Degrees & Certificates

At Skagit Valley College you can update skills in your job, change careers, enter the job market, or transfer to a four-year college or university. Complete a certificate in less than a year or earn a technical degree or technical transfer degree in two-years.

Associate in Applied Science-Transfer Degrees

AAS-T degrees are two year technical degrees that articulate for transfer with specific four year institutions.

Associate of Technical Arts Degrees

The Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degree is designed for students who are preparing to enter a career field.


The Professional/Technical Certificate represents a planned sequence of courses which prepares students for entry into a technical field of employment. All professional/technical certificate programs emphasize the technical major and related instruction in communications, computation and human relations skills in the curriculum. Upon completion of coursework, the certificate must be approved by the Dean for Professional/Technical Education and the Department Chair. Professional/Technical Certificates are listed within each professional/technical department.

View list of Professional/Technical programs for all your certificate options.

Micro-Certificates of Completion

Micro-Certificates of Completion are designed for taking courses over a short-term period of time focusing on a specific skill within an existing Professional/Technical program.

Individual Technical Certificates

The Individual Technical Certificate may be available to students who wish to design their own program to meet a specific career goal. An Individual Technical Certificate Contract must be approved IN ADVANCE by the Department Chair and/or appropriate dean. After completion of the certificate, the student must notify the Dean of Student Services. For more information, contact Counseling and Career Services or the Dean of Student Services’ Office.

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