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Health & Fitness Technician

Health and Fitness Technology is an allied health profession in which practitioners provide information and instruction (individual and group) in the areas of nutrition, flexibility/exercise, strength training, cardiovascular training, kinesiology, injury prevention and other related topics. Students who complete this program should possess entry-level skills that provide accurate and up to date information regarding improving overall health and fitness; provide instruction (individual and group) to clients who are attempting to improve their health and fitness; provide information and techniques on how to prevent fitness related injuries; and provide information and instruction on safety techniques using various fitness machines including free weights.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the Health and Fitness Technician program will

  • Be prepared to obtain an entry-level position in a health-fitness related workplace.
  • Be prepared to pass a nationally accredited Personal Trainer certification exam.
  • Be prepared to pass a nationally accredited Group Fitness Instructor certification exam.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in developing and leading group exercise programs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in developing and instructing safe and effective personal training programs to improve stability, mobility, and function.
  • Use appropriate strategies to motivate clients to adopt healthier behaviors.
  • Demonstrate proficiency at basic fitness assessment and program design.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and technical and information literacy skills.

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