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Academic English As a Second Language (AESL)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic English as a Second Language (AESL) Program at Skagit Valley College is to provide exemplary instruction in English as a second language and orientation in U.S. culture to students who are nonnative speakers of English.


The AESL Program seeks to accomplish the following specific goals:

  •  To teach English as a second language to students enrolled in intensive, semi-intensive, and short-term language and culture programs;
  •  To provide students with the U.S. cultural understanding they will need to function effectively and appropriately, both academically and socially;
  •   To provide students with academic skills and strategies to enable them to succeed in their college courses;
  •  To advise students enrolled in the program as to their academic options and opportunities in and beyond the AESL program;
  •  To provide opportunities at SVC and in the community for intercultural and educational interactions for native and nonnative speakers;
  •  To function as a resource center for teaching English as a second language, and;
  •  To support students in gaining an understanding of and appreciation for all cultures.


The AESL Program  is located on the Mount Vernon Campus, in Washington State, and includes intensive and semi-intensive classes. Our focus includes teaching AESL, developing intercultural awareness, personal growth, and successful study skills. The program provides a warm and friendly environment where students can readily find support from instructors, tutors, staff and fellow students. Everyone is welcome, and the diversity of our students is celebrated and respected. Faculty members facilitate learning, mentor students and provide meaningful opportunities to learn and practice English.

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