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Club Day at SVCThere are many campus clubs that you can join. Becoming a club member allows you to meet with like-minded students with similar interests and goals. During Club Day each quarter, you can check out the various on-campus clubs. To learn about the current clubs and advisors, visit the Student Life office in Room C-50, or check out the listing printed in the Student Handbook.

There are many clubs to choose from, such as the Criminal Justice Club, the Rainbow Alliance Club, or the Calling All Colors Club.

If you don't see a club which matches your interests, you can actually get together with other students, and create a new club. You need to take specific steps, however, to accomplish this. For instance, you would need to create a purpose statement and find an advisor, among other things.

For more detailed information about forming a new student club, visit the Student Life office in the Cardinal Center building in room C-50, or email Student Life.