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Skagit Valley College is not only concerned about your academic success, but with your health and well-being. Do sexual health issues worry you? Are you wondering about how to acquire health insurance as a student? Are you trying to figure out how to commute cheaply and efficiently to and from campus?  Are you interested in joining one of the many campus clubs? The Student Life office can provide you with the resources and the help you need.

Your Health is Our Priority

Skagit Valley College is very concerned with your mental and physical health. The Student Life office can provide you with first-aid supplies, over-the-counter medications, confidential referrals for health-related concerns, and a wide assortment of informational and health insurance pamphlets and brochures. Student Life also offers programs to heighten your awareness of health issues, and co-sponsors a variety of health-related events.

Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Services

Behavioral health programs serving children, youth, adults, and older adults from a variety of income levels and ethnic cultures. Clients may be experiencing a crisis, seeking assistance for an emotional or behavioral problem, have both a mental health problem and a chemical dependency problem, or be chronically mentally ill.

Dental Resources

There are dental resources/clinics available in our area. Some are local and others are regional. Some of the clinics operate on a sliding scale fee schedule, others do not offer reduced fees but provide beneficial payment plans for the patient. As always, read your information very carefully and ask LOTS of questions.

Helping You to Get Around

Skagit Valley College wants your travels to and from the campus to be safe, quick and inexpensive. Information about the SKAT student transportation program, along with up-to-date Skagit Transit schedules, can be found at the Student Life office.

Student Life Office

Cardinal Center, Room C-50
(360) 416-7611

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Compass Health

Compass Health Web Site

Sea Mar Community
Health Center

1415 Kincaid St.
Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 588-5550

Skagit Transit

(360) 757-4433

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