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Sustainable Agriculture Education

Many people have begun to realize the benefits of sustainable farming on a smaller scale.  SVC has developed a program to train students to work for small farms, organic farms, and other small-scale food producers. If you’re intrigued by the idea of helping grow more sustainable, healthy and nutritious food to feed our growing population, our Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) Program is worth a look.

Program Options

There’s a lot more to agriculture than just growing food. Our SAgE program is specially focused on small farms  -- teaching our students how to grow crops on a relatively small scale, but also how to make these small farms into viable and thriving businesses. In our program you’ll learn how to grow food in a sustainable manner, and you’ll also learn to make meaningful connections with customers, to get them interested in your farm so that it can become a sustainable business. We offer a 90-credit two-year AA degree in Agroecology and Small Farm Agriculture Systems, in addition to 29-credit certificate programs and 15-credit micro certificates. The AA degree program prepares students to start work after graduation, or forms the basis for further study in Agriculture science at a four-year University. During your studies, you’ll experience traditional classroom learning, but you’ll also get your feet and hands dirty working in fields and greenhouses around the beautiful Skagit Valley, where you’ll put your knowledge into practice.

Transfer Degree Options

  • AAS-T Environmental Sustainable Agriculture Education

Certificate Options

  • Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
  • Small Farm Ag Business Practices
  • Small Farm Ag Crop Production
  • Small Farm & Ag Systems
  • Small Farm Ag Business Practices

See our "All the Details" page for complete degree and certificate information.

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Meet Our Students

Photo of SAgE student, Britany Fink-Meiklen

It gave me the fundamentals for agriculture, for farming organically, and it introduced me to the organic community both locally and state-wide. The whole experience just broadens your perspective.

Britany Fink-Meiklen
Sustainable Agriculture Graduate

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Dr. Claus Svendsen
Department Chair

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