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Sustainability Committee

2000.50 Sustainability Committee

2000.50.1 Charge

The Sustainability Committee provides expertise and leadership to the College on sustainable practices related to College facilities, operations, curriculum, activities, and quality of campus life for students and employees.

The Sustainability Standing Committee support the College's:


"Skagit Valley College exists to expand opportunities and horizons for students and to improve the communities in which they live. We achieve this by welcoming and valuing diverse learners, providing quality education and support, and contributing community leadership and service."


"We will be the community's college, respected by our diverse population for open access, a welcoming climate, excellent teaching and support services, successful student learning, and for   our contribution to economic development, cultural enrichment, environmental awareness, and social justice."

Strategic Priorities

3 - Environmental Stewardship

A focus on promoting sound and sustainable environmental stewardship through the curriculum, college and community activities, and institutional practices


2014 Sustainability Fair

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2014 Sustainability Fair

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