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General Studies Degree, Diplomas & Certifications

SVC offers two different non-transfer Associate in Arts Degrees; A General Studies option and a General Studies SOCNAV intended for active duty military personnel. We also offer options for completion of a Certificate of Educational Competence (GED), Adult High School Diploma and a pathway to becoming a K-12 teacher in Washington state.

AA General Studies Degree

The Associate in Arts General Studies Degree is appropriate for students whose primary goal is to earn a two-year college degree. It may be suitable for you if you wish to apply credit by challenge, independent study, CLEP, professional/technical, or military programs to courses not included in the University and College Transfer Degree where applicable. View AA General Studies Degree Requirements.

AA General Studies Degree SOCNAV

The Associate in Arts General Studies Degree SOCNAV is designed for active duty military personnel and their adult family members. This degree may be appropriate for those active duty personnel and adult family members whose primary goal is to earn a two-year college degree. View AA General Studies SOCNAV Degree Requirements.

Adult High School Diploma

If you are 19 or over and do not have a high school diploma, you may earn one at SVC. Minimum residency for this diploma is five credits and one quarter of attendance. Upon the successful completion of requirements, students will receive an Adult High School Diploma. Non-high school graduates who are under 19 may apply with the recommendation of a high school principal. Contact SVC’s Counseling and Career Services for further information. View Adult High School Diploma Information.

Becoming a Teacher

In order to teach in a K-12 public school classroom in Washington state, a teaching certificate must be earned at a four-year college or university. There are several steps to complete this.

  • Skagit Valley College offers a 90-credit transfer degree (AAUCT) that prepares students for entry into education certification and baccalaureate degree programs in Washington state.
  • Upon completion of the AAUCT degree, students may transfer to any of the 22 teacher certification programs in Washington state, public or private.
  • Completion of the teaching certificate at a college/university is the last step toward employment as a teacher.

View more information about Become a K-12 Teacher.

Certificate of Educational Competence (GED)

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction has authorized Skagit Valley College, as an official testing agency, to give the General Educational Development test to qualified applicants. This is a nationally used test for people who do not have a high school diploma. Upon satisfactory completion of such tests, the State Superintendent will issue a Certificate of Educational Competency, Grade 12.

If you would like to take the GED test, contact Counseling and Career Services. To help prepare for the tests, you may enroll in Adult Basic Education classes.

Anyone 19 years of age or older is eligible for the testing program; a testing fee is required. People under the age of 19 may test for the GED with the approval of their high school.

View Information about GED Testing or Adult Basic Education.