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Marine Biology

Marine Ecology of the San Juan Islands:
A Kayak Exploration (BIO 205)

Kayak the San Juan Islands for 10 days and learn about their ecology and gain credit at the same time.

Dates: June 29 – July 11

Sea-kayaking is perhaps one of the most intimate means of exploring the marine and near shore terrestrial environments. The slow pace and the direct contact with the surroundings offered by sea-kayaking provide the paddler with views and perspectives unique to this sport/method of travel.

During this 12 day (~2 on land and ~10 on water) long field based course participants will take advantage of these attributes to explore and learn about the natural history the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Using the island chain as both a classroom and laboratory participants will address concepts in marine and island ecology through a combination of presentations, explorations, and hands on experiments. Additional topics of study will include fauna and flora identification, tide and current prediction, navigation, and expedition sea-kayaking planning and execution. Participants will paddle throughout the San Juan Island group, setting up camps on different islands, participate in group cooking and trip execution.

Kayaks, paddling equipment, camp fees (en-route), and camp meals (en-route) are included in trip fees.


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