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Student Life Event Services

  • Advertising Request
    Advertising is an important way to let the campus community know about your events. Use this form to request advertisement available in and around the Mount Vernon Campus. Campus advertisement may not be used to publicize ballot measures, candidates, related political activity, or product promotion, display and distributions.
  • Equipment Request
    Often events will require equipment that is not provided automatically with the reservation rental of a room. Please verify what supplies are already in the room with Barb Williams at (360) 416-7695 or Complete this form to request the use or set up of Student Life's equipment.
  • Who's Who on Campus
    This is a list of the individuals who provide services to student organizations on campus.
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  • How to use club funds

    In order to use funds you will need to complete the quiz and submit it to the Student Life Office. Anyone who completes the quiz may use club approved funds. The Student Life Office suggests that your executive team members complete the simple training and that club members submit purchase requests to the executive team for processing.

  • Advisor Cheat Sheet
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Event Forms

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Posting Policy


    Policy for Posting at Campuses and Centers in Common Places

    The Office of Student Life has the responsibility to ensure that materials to be posted for viewing by the general public are not defaming, demeaning, or derogatory. This includes, but is not limited to, materials containing offensive language, racial epithets, or sexually explicit items. Should the Office of Student Life receive complaints about any posted materials, the materials may be removed. The Office of Student Life will determine appropriate procedures and locations for posting.

    Procedure for Removal of Posted Materials

    Materials must be removed once an event/activity is over; the event/activity coordinator is responsible for removal of materials. If materials are not removed in a timely manner, posting privileges may be suspended. Election materials must be removed within 48 hours after elections are over.

    Policy for Posting in Campuses and Centers Classrooms

    Posting in classrooms shall be done only on designated bulletin boards with the permission of a faculty member or dean/vice president. No material shall be posted on classroom walls, doors, or windows.

    The posting of all private advertising materials, including magazine and travel information, shall be prohibited.
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SOAR Handbook

  • SOAR Handbook
    This document is for students who are interested in creating a new club or for new advisors who need to uinderstand their new role.