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CVV Application Packet

  • Application Packet
    Included in this CVV application PDF is all of the forms and information you will need to apply for residency. Please complete the forms by following the included instructions. Applications may be mailed or faxed to the address below. If you are interested in touring the complex and seeing an apartment, it is best to contact us and reserve a set time.
  • Word Application Packet
    Application in Microsoft Word.

    Mail Us At:

    Campus View Village

    Birch Building

    2410 Sigmar Lane, #100

    Mount Vernon, WA 98273 U.S.A.

    Call or Fax Us At:

    Tel: (360) 416-7650

    Fax: (360) 416-6637

    Email Us At:

  • Application - New International Students Only
    This application is formatted for new international students or incoming students from outside of the United States. If this description does not fit your situation, please download the general application packet above.
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Information About On-Campus Housing

  • Residence Life Handbook
    The Campus View Village program educates students on safe, healthy, and appropriate community behaviors by distributing and explaining the Residence Life Handbook.
  • Information for Prospective Residents

    Before you arrive:

    Campus View Village only houses students who are taking at least six academic credits at Skagit Valley College. These credits may be made-up of any combination of classes taken at any Skagit Valley College campus, online, and in any for-credit SVC program.
    Residents are assigned to one, single-occupancy bedroom within a four-bedroom apartment. Room assignments are made using both the information students include in their application packet and the information known about the spaces available at Campus View Village at the time of the resident's move-in.
    New resident room assignments can change at any point prior to the students' arrival due to fluxuating available spaces and ever-changing residential population needs. It is for this reason that exact apartment assignments are not usually able to be disclosed until the day of move-in.
    All Campus View Village apartments are already furnished. Students may bring their own furniture, but pre-existing furnture may not be removed from the apartments. Students will need to bring their own cooking utensils and cookware, dishes, linens, and toiletries.
    Currently, Campus View Village does not offer a meal plan. Skagit Valley College's Culinary Arts program operates a great on-campus cafeteria for weekday breakfasts and lunches during the academic term, but discounts are not given to CVV residents. Residents will need to learn to cook for themselves using the appliances in each apartment that are shared among all four roommates. Groceries should be included in each resident's budget.
    When you move-in:
    Check-in day is busy. It is best to plan to arrive to Campus View Village earlier rather than later in order to allow yourself time to navigate the check-in traffic and to unpack before you have to sign your lease. Signing your lease takes at least 20 minutes and can be a tedious and complicated process. Staff will always work to make sure that you understand what you are signing.
    Other than signing the lease, the most important part of your arrival process is making sure that you meet your new roommates. Everyone has different expectations about how they want their roommate relationships to look, but Campus View Village believes that you should always try to get to know your roommates. Having a common understanding of each other's backgrounds makes communication a lot easier.
    You may want to spend some time early in your arrival process exploring everything that Campus View Village has to offer, including a great social/study lounge located in the CVV office area and excellent outdoor spaces for relaxing and playing casual sports.
    Setting-up your apartment should be an enjoyable process. No permanent alterations may be made to the apartment and when residents are decorating the common spaces, they need to be sure to work with all of their roommates to ensure that everyone is amenable to the decor choices.
    Transitioning off-campus:
    A lease term is a comittment that cannot be undone without prior discussions with the Resident Director. Leases run from one week prior to the start of classes to the end of the quarter and may be renewed each quarter so long as the resident remains eligible to live in Campus View Village. Signing a quarterly lease is a low-level comittement compared to most apartment complexes, which will typically require at least six months or more for a lease.
    Approximalte half-way through each quarter, Campus View Village staff will post a notification on each resident's door. This notification is known as the "Intent to Renew form" and it is required each and every quarter from all CVV residents. The Intent to Renew form will offer the resident at least two options: the first is to renew their lease, meaning s/he will need to visit the CVV office and sign a lease for the following quarter, comitting them to pay for the next quarter's rent. The other option is to choose not to renew, in which case the resident must identify a date and time to move out of CVV prior to 4:00pm on the last day of finals week.
    Upon check-out, students should have engaged in an intensive deep-clean of their apartments and bedrooms. Even if roommates are planning to stay, all residents must share in the cleaning of the entire apartment prior to any one roommate's check-out appointment.
    Staff will deduct any necessary charges from residents' deposits, at this point, and will have the remaining deposit amount mailed to the student's new address within 14 days after vacating the apartment.
  • Information for Families
    Families and mentors play an important role in the success of each and every Skagit Valley College student, Campus View Village residents included. Often times, students will use family members and outside friends as confidants to their experiences on-campus and occasionally, these individuals become burdened with
    information that needs to be shared with staff.
    Campus View Village encourages family members and mentors of students to share their experiences with staff, directly. If they feel that their students are not disclosing critical information about their experiences, family members and friends are welcome to contact Campus View Village staff and share their concerns with the understanding that first-hand accounts of all situations are the most valuable to staff in providing follow-up support to students.
    FERPA and Campus View Village:
    The Federal Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) is a legal obligation taken by colleges and universities to treat student information as sensitively as possible. Students who are over the age of 18 and/or who are legally viewed as adults are treated as such and will be expected to communicate with staff about all issues directly, including their current room assignment, roommate concerns, billing information, academic and co-curricular engagement, and other information. Family members and friends, no matter what level of responsibility they feel for students, will not be privvy to this information with prior written consent by the student.
    Adjusting to college:
    Sometimes students are surprised at how vastly different Campus View Village life can be in comparison to their previous experiences at home or at other apartment and housing environments. Living with three roommates, most of whom will likely be strangers, at first, is a difficult experience for anyone, especially students transitioning to Skagit Valley College from other areas or life experiences. Students and family members should know that Campus View Village celebrates this challenge! It is uniquely one of the most valuable life skills that CVV can offer students while living on-campus.
    Being a family member or friend of a college student who is living away from home can be difficult, at times. Campus View Village encourages families and friends to keep in regular contact with students, but to also allow them the space necessary to grow as an independent adult. Finding the critical balance between support and control is not an easy process, but can be immensely rewarding.