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Learning Into Action FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
1.  Who will grade me at the end of the quarter? Your Faculty Sponsor listed on your Applied Learning Contract.
2.  What is the role of the Faculty Sponsor? To help you determine your Learning Objectives, to read your journals and grade your final paper or project.
3.  What is the role of the Site Supervisor? To supervise your internship at the place you are doing it. Approves your Learning objectives and signs your time sheet verifying hours, fills out a Site Supervisor Evaluation.
4.  Can I start my LIA project before I register? Yes, if your project has been approved, you have a sponsor and site supervisor (if appropriate)
5.  Can I use my High School Senior project for my LIA project?. Some senior projects may qualify for LIA. You must have close to 45 college credits applying toward a AA-DTA degree. Please talk with your faculty sponsor.
6.  How long do I have to register for the class? LIA is continuous enrollment, but you should get started by third week of a quarter
7.  Can I add a credit after I register?           Yes, but you must make arrangements with your Faculty Sponsor and do an ADD form.
8.  How do I register for LIA? Complete LIA Orientation, get a faculty sponsor, site supervisor, write the learning objectives and have them approved by sponsor and supervisor. Your faculty sponsor will give you an entry code and line number for the ADD form.
9.   Can I use a current job or activity as an LIA project? Yes, as long as you are applying skills and knowledge gained in college coursework  and you are able to demonstrate NEW knowledge and skills as an outcome.
10. Can I take more than one credit of LIA? Yes, credits will be posted on your transcript as "Gray Area Electives." You will have additional requirements for additional credits. (see learning contract)


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