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Selecting a Major & Career Planning

Career Pathway Diagrams

Career Pathways are visual roadmaps that help SVC students, high school and community college advisors/counselors, to learn about options and opportunities to navigate their own education and career plans.

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The Process: Choosing a Major or Career

The following steps are key to the process of making these decisions (Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to assist you in moving through these steps: 360.416.7654). If you wish to try the process on your own, please see the document entitled "Guide to Choosing a Major" in the next section.

    This step is a critical first step! Before you can choose a major or career, you need to take stock of who you are. This entails clarifying your values, identifying your interests and preferences, and assessing your skills ( those you have and those you want to learn). This process helps you to make informed and satisfying decisions about your life and career.
      After doing a thorough self-assessment, the next step is to gather information about majors and occupations that are a good match. The best way to get this information is through a combination of printed materials, Internet resources, talking with others, and life experience.
    In order to move forward, you must choose one of your identified options and commit to it. This requires that you let go of other options, either temporarily or permanently. This may be hard if you have many options but it is possible and necessary.
      Developing an action plan is a critical life skill. It takes you in the direction of realizing your chosen option and involves setting goals, defining objectives, identifying actions, and carrying out these actions in a purposeful manner.
    Evaluating your decision in the face of new information, personal changes, and unforeseen obstacles is important. It may be that your initial self-assessment was incomplete or that your chosen option was not the most appropriate. Whatever the reason, evaluating your decision is a positive step and can be a powerful learning experience.
  6. INDIVIDUAL CAREER ADVISING SESSION:     Individual career advising to help you select a major/career path is available in Counseling and Career Services.  Drop in or call to schedule an appointment: 360-416-7654.
  7. OTHER OPTIONS:  CSS 107 Colllege Success Skills - Career Development ( 2 credits per quarter);  or attend the Life Transitions Program ( Displaced Homemaker's Program).Contact Life Transitions Program at 360-416-7762.


Guide to Choosing a Major or Career

The following guide can provide you with an independent, self-paced process of choosing a major and planning a career path. The SVC Career Center (in Lewis Hall) is a great place to get started with the process. For a private career counseling appointment, please call 360-416-7938

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