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What Every Parent Should Know

The 10 Things that Every Parent Should Know:

  1. How to find, download, fill out, and print the FAFSA form for Financial Aid

  2. What other options are available besides financial aid.  Look into what other avenues are available and help your student decide on what works best for them.  Don't assume they will handle it themselves because in the end, when tuition is due, they will need your help. 

  3. Their child's class schedule , not to be nosey, but for a better understanding of where your child is headed and to know where to find them.  There is no delivery system available in the college for messages to be handled unless the situation is a family emergency.  Classroom interruption for other situations is not permitted. 

  4. It is important to keep the lines of communication open for your student.  Don't be afraid of asking them questions about their classes and decisions they have made. It lets them know you care and are there is they need you.

  5. When your child is in a dilemma with a problem and they are not asking you to solve it, just listen and encourage them to consider their options and support their decision.  Since they're sharing with you, avoid statemenst such as "how did this happen, how could you . . .?" 

  6. That your child is ready for college and that you did a good job preparing them.  Don't expect them to do things the way you did or the way you would. 

  7. Growth requires making mistakes.  Letting your child make mistakes may be difficult but can develop them in the long run.  A big part of college is making choices.

  8. It is important to be patient, Patient, PATIENT.

  9. Supportive words work wonders: "You'll do fine, you're well prepared for that exam." Or " I'm so proud of you for taking on the challenge."

  10. Lastly - remember your college days.  What memories do you remember most?