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Access to Student Records

Frequent Questions Concerning Access to Student Records

Why is SVC unable to tell me anything about my student?

According to federal law, college students have the right to the privacy of all their education records including grades, financial information, and disciplinary records.  Under this law, parents who want to gain access to a student's records can do so if the student signs a Release of Information form. 

Unless a student makes other arrangements with us, we do not contact parents about his or her progress at college.  It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the parent and tell how things are going. The student may talk to a Skagit Valley College staff person about other options available for release of information to their parents.

How can I get a copy of my student's grades?

The easiest and fastest way to obtain information about your child's grades or records is for the student to provide it for you.  Students can look up information by logging in Online at the Student's Toolbox and either print it off or email a copy to you. 

Since I'm paying for my child's education, why can't I get a copy of his/her records?

FERPA requires that access to a college student's records must be released by approval of the student.  However, parents can receive information about their student if they show proof that the student is financially dependent for IRS purposes.  To do so, submit a copy of your tax records that show dependent status, to the registration office. Please know that our staff may not be able to grant your request immediately as they are required to have the Registrar's permission prior to releasing student records to anyone other than the student.

How can I get verification of my student's enrollment and grade point average for my insurance company?

A verification form may be obtained through the Admissions and Registration Office.  The form requires the student's signature, and then it may be mailed to the college or dropped off at the office to be processed.

How do I get a message to my student?

For emergencies only, Skagit Valley College admission number, 416-7600, is the first place to call if you need to contact your student. Although we cannot guarantee we can reach your student, we do make the effort to do so. If the student is in class, as per his or her schedule, we will deliver the message to the instructor for disbursement. We will return a message to parents to let them know if we could successfully complete delivery. In case of extreme emergency, the Deans office will be alerted and necessary steps taken to locate your student on campus.