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Paying for My Student's Education

How do I know if my student's tuition is paid in full?

Your student can look up their current schedule at MySVC and it will show the tuition at the bottom of the screen.  Login to MySVC to access this information.  It will show the outstanding balance or a zero balance if tuition is paid.

Do I have to pay tuition all at once?

Tuition must be paid in full on or before the due date.  If your financial aid award is not enough to cover tuition or is not in place by the tuition date, you must still pay by the due date.  The Financial Aid office has a Tuition Payment Plan available that requires a $30.00 processing fee, without interest.  They will loan up to 60% of the tuition and fees.  Books or supplies are not covered under the Tuition Payment Plan.

How do I pay for my student's education?

To find out more about how to apply for financial aid and scholarships click on the Financial Aid Web page. If you are unable to pay your tuition you may contact the Financial Aid Office regarding a Tuition Payment Plan. Information on student employment on campus, work-study, and institutional work-study is available through the financial aid office. A job board is posted in the hallway outside the Counseling and Career Center in the Campus Center Building.

Why do I have to give my income information when my student applies for financial aid?

Congress has determined that parents are responsible for providing for their children's educational expenses until they achieve independent status.  In general, to be classified as an independent student a person must fit into one of the following categories:

  • 24 years of age
  • married
  • have own dependents
  • be a veteran of the military
  •  working on a master's degree
  • or have extreme extenuating circumstances.

If a student cannot fit into one of these categories, then the parent is required to provide information on the FAFSA form to determine financial aid eligibility.

Are there part-time job opportunities while attending SVC?

Yes.  Many of our students work on and off campus while they attend college.  Our Career Center maintains a Job Posting Board outside the Counseling and Career Center in the hallway that lists local jobs in the community. They also have an Online Job Board link on Career Services webpage.  In addition there are on-campus work study jobs listed on the board in the Financial Aid office.