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Reasons to Nominate


Reasons to Nominate Students for Champions of Diversity Awards

This is a short list of reasons a student could be nominated but not the only reasons. When nominating a student we look for individuals who have worked to promote diversity in their school, community, church or daily activities.

  • Club or Organization involvement on their school campus or community that promotes diversity and inclusion.
  • Participates or leads in multicultural event programming on their school campus.
  • Volunteered at events/agencies/organizations related to serving historically underepresented populations.
  • Attended conferences related to diversity and equity.
  • Involved in sports or athletic activities such as jaripeo, lasso, pulling canoe for the tribe, referees for soccer games etc.
  • Assisting in nursing homes, healthcare facilities and homeless shelters, donating clothing for the poor, feeding the hungry, helping in migrant camps, marching for peace, mentoring peers and/or siblings, raising funds for scholarships and/or world tragedies,  translating for others, tutoring young children etc.
  • Involved in Northwest Indian College Summer Program, Science and Math Bilingual Program, U-doc Program, Upward Bound etc.

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