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Giving to the SVC Foundation

Giving to the SVC Foundation helps us to provide educational opportunities for our students through scholarships and program enhancements. It also helps us to fund faculty and staff innovation and development so as to improve the quality of instruction and service at Skagit Valley College.

If you are interested in giving to the SVC Foundation, we encourage you to explore the options listed below. For more information on giving to the Foundation, please contact Carl Young, Director @ 360-416-7646.

Why should I support SVC?

Every person who gives to SVC has their own answer to that question. As many faculty and staff know, SVC has become a state-assisted rather than state-supported community college. Faculty and staff dedicate themselves daily to high quality teaching, research and service, and private support has become increasingly important in that endeavor. Some feel strongly about the critical nature of work being done at SVC, and they choose to further that work with financial support. Others choose to remember or honor a faculty or staff member with a gift to a memorial scholarship in his or her name. The number of reasons are diverse, but all reflect a sincere belief in the work being done at Skagit Valley College.

How can I give?

There are many ways to give to the Skagit Valley College Foundation.  

  1. Annual Appeal - quickest and most direct way of giving to support student and faculty needs
  2. Payroll Deduction - contact the Foundation office for more information at 360-416-7717.
  3. In Memory - you may honor a loved one by sending a gift in memory or celebration.
  4. Endowed Fund - An investment for the future, this long-term gift becomes income for the school or program of your choices.  Contact Carl Young for more information at 360-416-7646. 

For further questions, please feel free to contact the foundation staff at 360-416-7717.


How does payroll deduction work?

Support Skagit Valley College by donating each month from your paycheck. You specify the amount you would like deducted from each paycheck and can have that amount deducted until further notice, or until a specific amount is reached.

Please contact the Foundation office for more information at 360-416-7717.

Gifts of Cash/Check

Gifts of cash are the simplest way to give and may be tax deductible as well. You may deduct a cash gift for income tax purposes only in the year in which you contribute. A pledge or promissory note is not deductible until it is paid.

Gifts in Memory or Celebration

Gifts to Skagit Valley College Foundation to remember a friend or loved one or to celebrate a special event is a lasting tribute that touches our college, our students as well as faculty.

Your gift will be used to meet the current need at Skagit Valley College or you may specify exactly where you want your gift used. We will provide recognition of your gift to the person or family of those being remembered.

You can mail your gift to:

Skagit Valley College Foundation
2405 East College Way
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Questions about gifts in memory or celebration:
Contact the Foundation


Gifts by Credit Card

SVC Foundation will accept gifts made by MasterCard and VISA credit cards. Donations by credit card may also be set up for monthly contributions, similar to payroll deductions. Credit card gifts are considered complete on the day the donor's account is charged.


Giving through your will or living trust is a way of providing a charitable gift to SVC as a bequest. It can include giving a percentage of your estate, giving a fixed amount or giving whatever property is remaining after all other bequests are distributed. To ensure that your wishes will be carried out, it is important that your will be prepared by an attorney. Bequests can be changed or revoked at any point during your lifetime. If you would like more information on bequests, a SVC Foundation representative would be pleased to meet with you.  For assistance please contact Foundation staff at 360-416-7717.

Endowed named scholarships may be established at SVC with a minimum $10,000 donation. The intent of an endowed scholarship is to allow the fund to grow and to award the interest only from the endowment, usually on an annual basis. This will ensure that the fund will maintain its original principal balance while assisting students with their educational and financial needs.

Gifts of Securities

Marketable stocks or bonds (that have appreciated in value) are other assets you may contribute to Skagit Valley College Foundation. Please consult your attorney and financial advisors when considering this type of giving.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A popular life income plan is a charitable remainder trust. This plan may increase your current income and could provide significant tax savings as well. It also allows you to support the students at SVC both during and after your lifetime. There are two types of charitable remainder trusts: the annuity trust and the unitrust. Each trust pays an income to you, and at termination of the trust all assets pass to Skagit Valley College. Please consult your attorney and financial advisors when considering this type of giving.

Life Insurance

You can assure a major contribution to Skagit Valley College Foundation through the donation of a life insurance policy. If you now own an existing life insurance policy you may assign all or a partial ownership in the policy to the Foundation, which may entitle you to income tax deductions. You may also name the Foundation as beneficiary on a current policy or when purchasing a new policy.