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Posting Policy for SVC Campuses and Centers

Policy for Posting at Campuses and Centers in Common Places

The Office of Student Life has the responsibility to ensure that materials to be posted for viewing by the general public are not defaming, demeaning, or derogatory. This includes, but is not limited to, materials containing offensive language, racial epithets, or sexually explicit items. Should the Office of Student Life receive complaints about any posted materials, the materials may be removed. The Office of Student Life will determine appropriate procedures and locations for posting.

Procedure for Removal of Posted Materials

Materials must be removed once an event/activity is over; the event/activity coordinator is responsible for removal of materials. If materials are not removed in a timely manner, posting privileges may be suspended. Election materials must be removed within 48 hours after elections are over.

Policy for Posting in Campuses and Centers Classrooms

Posting in classrooms shall be done only on designated bulletin boards with the permission of a faculty member or dean/vice president. No material shall be posted on classroom walls, doors, or windows.
The posting of all private advertising materials, including magazine and travel information, shall be prohibited.