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Summer Global Environmental Program

Summer Study Abroad Program

NOTE: The registration steps listed below are specific to persons living outside of the U.S. If you are currently an SVC student, or other individual who currently lives in the U.S., please contact Admissions and Registration to register for ENVS& 101.

Step 1 – Application

Complete the International Student Program Application form and Homestay Application form.

Step 2 – Payment

  1. Enclose a check or money order for $300 payable to Skagit Valley College, or fill/type in the Visa/MasterCard information on the Homestay  application. Please identify card type.
  2. BY APRIL 30, 2013, mail, fax or email your payment, the registration form and the Homestay Application to:

International Programs
Skagit Valley College
2405 East College Way
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Fax: 360.416.7868

Step 3 – Confirmation Letter

Upon payment of your $300 deposit you will be sent a confirmation of registration from the International Program Office at Skagit Valley College that you can take to the American embassy or consulate to apply for your U.S. visa. The International Program Office will work with you to arrange your homestay. Payment for the homestay ($550 plus $50 cleaning deposit (non-refundable) plus $100 damage deposit) will be made to your host family directly after you arrive. If you need help with visa problems or have questions, contact Christa Schulz, 360-416-7974,

Step 4 – Final Payment

When you arrive on campus you will make your final payment by registering for your class (ENVS&101) and paying the remaining balance of tuition and fees ($600).

Problems? Questions?

If you have any difficulty with the registration process, or if you have questions about the content of the program, contact BFSU Summer Program Coordinator Ted Maloney, 001-360-416-7774,