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ATA Degree Programs
  • Purpose

    The Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degree is designed for students who are preparing to enter a career field. Although certain courses in this degree may transfer to baccalaureate institutions, you are advised that many courses in this degree are not usually transferable because of their specialized nature. If you are interested in continuing your studies after earning the ATA degree, consult with a counselor or the department chair as well as your intended transfer institution for specific transfer options available to you. A list of professional/technical transfer agreements follows.
    View list of Professional/Technical Programs for all your Associate of Technical Arts Degree options.

    Degree Requirements

    To graduate from SVC with an Associate in Technical Arts Degree, you must complete a minimum of 90 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 including a technical major and related education requirements. At least 25 core program credits must be earned at SVC with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Your major must have approval of the Dean of Professional/Technical Education and the Department Chair of your technical field. To receive an Associate in Technical Arts Degree, you must satisfy requirements listed as follows:

    Note: Course with an ampersand (&) are Common Course Numbering courses.

    Technical Major - Related Instruction

    Requirements for each technical major are listed by department.

    1. Communication Skills (3-5 cr.)

    • English 101 or 170, or another specific communication course as designated by the Professional/ Technical department chair.
    • Specific course options in this category are designated within each major. Communication Studies &210, 125 (3-5 cr.) or another specific communication course as designated by the Professional/ Technical department chair.

    2. Computational Skills (5 cr.)

    • Mathematics 100 (WMATH 100) (5 cr.). Alternate courses of an equal or higher number may be substituted in some majors.

    3. Physical Education (2 cr.)

    • Physical Education 200 (2 cr.) OR
    • Physical Education 100 plus one activity credit (choice determined by program - check with dept. chairperson)

    4. Human Relations Skills (3-5 cr.)

    • Communication Studies 125, 210, or 220, or another specific course designated by the Professional/ Technical department chair.

    5. Cooperative Ed. (1-15 cr.)

    Cooperative Education courses are listed as 199 courses. You will complete 30 hours of work at a supervised site for each credit received. Concurrent enrollment in Cooperative Education seminars or equivalent is required. You may earn from 1 to 15 credits toward this degree requirement. Approval of the dept. chair is required for enrollment in all 199 courses. See program for specific requirements.

    6. General Education (5 cr.)

    Courses to be selected from courses in Social Sciences, the Natural Science, or the Humanities distribution. (See AA-DTA Degree.) This selection shall be an area of study that focuses on learning beyond the scope of the technical area and shall also be approved by the appropriate Department Chair.

    7. Diversity Requirement

    A Diversity Intensive course or group of courses that offers a minimum total of 30 contact hours of diversity intensive experience. Students should consult with their faculty advisor or counselor to identify the appropriate course or group of courses that fulfills this requirement./p>

    Professional/Technical ATA and AAS‑T Transfer Agreements

    1. Central Washington University - Information Technology and Administrative Management: accepts all SVC Professional/Technical ATA and AAS-T degrees for transfer subject to CWUITAM general admissions criteria.
    2. City University of Seattle- Accepts Early Childhood Education and Environmental Conservation AAS‑T degrees for transfer. Other ATA degree program transcripts are individually reviewed for transferability and BA completion requirements.
    3. DeVry University - Early Childhood Education ATA and AAS‑T
    4. Eastern Washington University - Child Studies: Early Childhood Education ATA and AAS‑T.
    5. The Evergreen State College - Accepts the following ATA and AAS‑T degrees for transfer as "upside down" degree at TESC: Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Electronics Engineering Technology, Electronics Technology, Environmental Conservation, Human Services, and Paralegal
    6. Montana State University-Northern - Diesel Power Technology
    7. Trinity Western University - Bellingham - Human Services Generalist or Human Services Chemical Dependency Emphasis ATA degrees
    8. Universit y of Idaho-College of Natural Resources - Environmental Conservation AAS‑T
    9. University of Phoenix - Reviews each AAS‑T and ATA degree program individually for transferability and BA completion requirements.
    10. University of Washington - Bothell Nursing ATA
    11. University of Washington College of the Environment, College of Forest Resources - Environmental Conservation AAS‑T
    12. Seattle Pacific University - Early Childhood Education AAS‑T
    13. Washington State University-Human Development, Early Chi ldhood Education - Early Childhood Education AAS‑T and ATA
    14. Western Washington University - Fairhaven College - Accepts any SVC ATA degree that is also offered as an academic major at WWU.