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Dropped: Low Scholarship


Your third consecutive quarter with a GPA below 2.00 will cause you to be DROPPED: LOW SCHOLARSHIP. This is a "severe" notification that you are not making the academic progress necessary to remain in school.

What can I do if I am "DROPPED: LOW SCHOLARSHIP?"

As soon as you receive notification of your academic drop, you need to fill out a PETITION FOR REINSTATEMENT form and meet with your advisor or a counselor at the Skagit Valley College center closest to you. Even if you plan to take a break from courses, you will need to petition for reinstatement in order to return to Skagit Valley College following an academic drop. Your advisor/counselor will discuss your situation and your plan for success. If your advisor/counselor is satisfied with your plan, he or she will sign your form as acknowledgement that you are committed to a better academic plan. Following an evaluation of your PETITION FOR REINSTATEMENT, you may be REINSTATED for one more quarter.

How do I get removed from low scholarship drop following reinstatement?

Earning at least a 2.00 GPA while enrolled in 5 or more credits during your next quarter of enrollment will remove you from the DROPPED: LOW SCHOLARSHIP status.

Am I out of academic trouble if I am removed from the "DROPPED: LOW SCHOLARSHIP" status?

Depending on your academic record for the previous quarters, you may still be in academic jeopardy if your cumulative college level GPA is below the minimum 2.00 required for graduation. A counselor can help you determine the grades necessary to bring your cumulative GPA above a 2.00.

What happens if I don't earn a 2.00 GPA enrolled in 5 or more credits my next quarter

If you enroll in 5 or more credits and earn less than a 2.00 GPA for the quarter in which you have been REINSTATED, you will be DROPPED: LOW SCHOLARSHIP FOR ONE YEAR. Following a break of one year or more, you must fill out the PETITION FOR REINSTATEMENT form and follow the process outlined above in order to be reinstated to the college.