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…basic skills and/or study skills needed for successful completion of the course

Mount Vernon: Check in L-206 to see what options are available (drop-in, study groups, one-on-one); Tutoring Center: L-206 (360-416-7852).

Whidbey: Check Hayes Hall Room 107; WIC Tutor Schedule or call 360-679-5393.
…help with academics, social adjustment to college, study skills, time/stress management, personal issues, financial problems, decision making.

See Advising Services or TRiO:
Mount Vernon: Advising: Lewis Hall L-113 (416-7654), TRiO: Lewis Hall L-201 (416-7636)

Whidbey: Old Main Room 100 (679-5319).
…study skills (time management, organizational skills, note taking, test taking, goal setting).

CSS 100 (College Success Skills I)

Register to sign up for this class (offered quarterly)
…extra help in Math

Mount Vernon: Math Center, Lewis Hall L-221.

Whidbey: Tutor Center, Hayes Hall Room 107.
…copies of his/her schedule, transcript, last quarter's grades, (records for advising), new PIN number, degree audit, & other student records Online: Transcripts/Schedule and click on My SVC; Mount Vernon or Whidbey: Student Information Kiosk, located inside the Registration Offices.
…health information, e.g., A.A. and Al-Anon meeting locations and times, health insurance, smoking issues, and various other health related materials; basic health supplies such as non-aspirin pain reliever, cough drops, bandages, ointments, condoms, ice packs. Mount Vernon: Health Center in Student Services/Student Programs area adjacent to Student Lounge in Mount Vernon Campus Center Building - 416-7764.
…help with excessive tardiness, absences, behavior problems, under influence of alcohol or drugs, staff-student and student-student conflicts.

Online: See web site for Student Conduct Code.
Mount Vernon: Student Activities C-50, 416-7633 for discipline issues and conflict mediation.

Whidbey: Student Services Old Main Room 100, 679-5319.
…help with a sexual harassment issue. Sexual Harassment Ombudsman.

Mount Vernon: Vicki Talbott 416-7815 or
Bob Malphrus 416-7704.
Whidbey: Sue Jensen 679-5329 or
Lou LaBombard 679-5338.

…to complain of discrimination. Discrimination Ombudsman

Mount Vernon: Ernest Tutt 416-7033.
Whidbey: Lou LaBombard 679-5338.

…to complain about campus services. Submit concern in writing or in person to the appropriate department head.

Phone extensions follow 416- prefix for Mount Vernon or 679-prefix for Whidbey.

Department Mount Vernon Whidbey
Academic: A-33, Ext. 7750 5319
Vocational: N-220, Ext. 7729 5319
Admissions/Registration: L-101, Ext. 7738 5330
Student Activities: C-52, Ext. 7633 5311
Counseling & Career Services: L-113, Ext. 7818


Cardinal Bookstore: Ext.7601 5313
Cafeteria: C-73, Ext. 7618 5212
Distance Education: Ext. 7770 5319
Library: Ext. 7761 5322
…personal counseling "short term," depression (sleeping in class, prolonged sadness, sleepless­ness, prolonged irritability), or extreme anxiety.

Counseling Center
Receptionist will suggest a counselor if student requests "personal counseling."
Ext. 7654 at Mount Vernon
679-5319 at Whidbey

…career advising and/or occupational research

…Online Job Board

Counseling/Career Center
Ext. 7654 at Mount Vernon
679-5319 at Whidbey
Skagit Valley College Career Center
…help in coping with learning disabilities (AD/ HD, dyslexia, etc.) sensory impairment, psycho­logical impairments (e.g., bipolar disorder)

Disabled Students Center
Counseling & Career Center
Ext. 7654 at Mount Vernon
679-5319 at Whidbey

…information or counseling for Running Start students Running Start:
Mount Vernon: Counseling and Career Center
L-113, Ext. 7654
Whidbey: Student Services
Old Main room 100; 360-679-5319
…to withdraw from college Registration
…money for school

Financial Aid Office:
Mount Vernon: Lewis Hall L-121 , Ext. 7771 or Ext. 7647
Whidbey: Old Main room 100; 360-679-5320

…work experience (paid and unpaid). Off campus work study, Cooperative work experience, Learning Into Action

Mount Vernon Counseling and Career Center
Ext. 7654
Whidbey Student Services Old Main room 100; 360-679-5319

...service Learning (Students in Service Program) Counseling & Career Services 416-7654
…information on transferring to another college (AA-DTA degree).

Mount Vernon Counseling and Career Center: Ext. 7654
Whidbey Student Services; 360-679-5319

…information on multicultural activities, programs, and events on campus and in the com­munity. Multicultural scholarships, clubs, ESL, bilingual-bicultural counseling.

Multicultural Student Services
Counseling and Career Center
Mount Vernon Ext. 7654
Student Programs at Whidbey 679-5311 or Student Services for scholarships and counseling at 679-5319.

…are interested in connecting with students on campus from other countries.

International Programs
Ext. 7734

…information or support on gender-related issues, adult students returning after being out of school, Women's Programs/ STRATA Club/Displaced Homemakers

Women's Programs Ext. 7654

Displaced Homemakers Ext. 7762
…concerns regarding parking lots, campus security and safety issues

Mount Vernon Campus Security Ext. 7777
Walter Roberts Hall, Room T-34

Whidbey Security 360-770-5393 or 360-929-1372