Skagit Valley College logo

Logo Color Scheme

Jan  1 1900 12:00AM

Skagit Valley College Logo with Color definitions

Core Colors

The official core colors of the SVC logo are not Cardinal Red and White. Although Cardinal Red does invoke strong feelings about SVC and is used around campus in a variety of "spirit" materials, it is the color used to denote the college's sports mascot. The core colors of the college logo have been adopted as the official academic colors of Skagit Valley College and are reflected in the color scheme of our current signature (logo). Use of the college's official logo colors, Ocean Blue (Pantone® 543), Forest Green (Pantone® 341), and 100% Process Black are critical when reproducing the College's signature (logo). Below are the color specifications for reproducing the core colors for print and electronic media.

Jan  1 1900 12:00AM

Ocean Blue PMS 543 C graphic

Ocean Blue
  • Spot color coated: Pantone® 543
  • Spot color uncoated: Pantone® 544
  • CMYK: Four-color process formula 43/14/0/0
  • Web or other screen media: Hexidecimal 7EA6D1
  • RGB 126/166/209
  • Exterior/Interior Paint: Cloverdale Paint (CP) 7344
  • Signage Vinyl: Calon, CalPlus, Evening Blue No. 38
Jan  1 1900 12:00AM

Forest Green PMS 341 C graphic

Forest Green
  • Spot color coated: Pantone® 341
  • Spot color uncoated: Pantone® 340
  • CMYK: Four-color process formula 82/23/60/17
  • Web or other screen media: Hexidecimal 00613F
  • RGB 0/97/63
  • Exterior/Interior Paint: Cloverdale Paint (CP) 7549
  • Signage Vinyl: Calon, CalPlus, Imperial Green No. 35
Jan  1 1900 12:00AM
100% Process Black
  • Spot color coated: 100% Process Black
  • Spot color uncoated: 100% Process Black
  • CMYK: Four-color process formula 0/0/0/100
  • Web or other screen media: Hexidecimal 000000
  • RGB 0/0/0
  • Exterior/Interior Paint: Cloverdale Paint (CP) 8253
  • Signage Vinyl: Calon, CalPlus, Black No. 03

Vendors should not rely on the output produced by a desktop color printer for matching the color to be attained in producing our logo. The color calibration of desktop printers typically does not match the Pantone Matching System colors used by offset printers. For outside jobs please refer to the PMS colors listed above when ordering. If you have any questions, please contact the or 416-7716.

Monotone and reverse use of the signature (logo)

Use of the signature (logo) in one-color newsprint, telephone directories, city directories, or other non-college publications must be done using black as the monotone color, or white, if reversing the color out of a dark background. Single color reproduction of the signature (logo) should only be done by using one of the above mentioned monotone uses. If you are going to print in a non-college monotone publication, where black and white are not an option, the darkest toned solid color can be used. If you are using the signature (logo) in black or reverse print, it must not be any smaller than 1-1/4" wide in order to maintain the clarity and integrity of the logo. If you are unsure about the use of the signature in monotone publications please consult the Public Information Office.

Logo colors for website use

If you are using the logo on a college, or non-college website, the signature (logo) must appear in full-color. Exceptions include the use of the signature (logo) in forms, outlines and other materials posted for laser printing. Hexidecimal values are chosen from the Web-safe color palette. Using the formulas specified will ensure the best color match on all computers. Pre-calculated Hexidecimal, web-safe logos are available for downloading from the Graphic Identity website.