Skagit Valley College logo

Logo Sizing & Proportions

Signature Sizing and Proportions

Do not reproduce the signature (logo), secondary identities, or tagline less than 1 1/4 inches in width. At widths less than this, the clarity and integrity of the signature is compromised. For most jobs the signature logo is available on the website. The vector graphic .eps can be used to resize the signature to fit your specific project. If an outside vendor must resize the vector graphic signature must not reproduce the logo smaller than the 1-1/4" dimension, making sure that the tagline is no smaller than 6pt, and the underbar is sized no smaller than ¾ pt.


When resizing the signature (logo), it is critical that it be resized proportionately. Use the shift key when drag sizing (applies to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and most graphic and word processing software for both Windows and Macintosh platforms), or use equal percentages when using a scaling tool.

Clear Space

The signature (logo) must be surrounded on all sides by significant clear space to separate it distinctly from any other graphic elements. A minimum ¾" margin must be maintained on all sides of the signature logo. Other graphic elements or logos should never be stacked on top, below, or directly next to the sides of the college signature (logo). Also the signature (logo) should never be printed or digital produced positioned at the extreme top, bottom, left and right edges of a document. Clear space around the signature (logo) and separation from other elements provides graphic impact and preserves the integrity of the signature (logo). Sufficient clear space around the signature (logo) will vary, depending on the size of the signature (logo) used in your promotional materials. If you have questions or concerns with clear space around the signature, please contact or 416-7716.

When producing printed materials, such as brochures, posters, or fliers, the signature (logo) must be tastefully (not too large, and not smaller than 1-1/4") displayed in a prominent, visible location. The signature should never be used as a giant header in a newsletter, flier or other printed material. Logo placement on office/department printed brochures should have the signature (logo) displayed on the front, or immediate back of the brochure. If you are unsure about signature (logo) placement in your project, please consult or 416-7716.