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Signage & Displays

Banners, Displays, and Signage

Banners, displays and signage used for recruitment fairs, open houses and other public functions are a key component in the campaign to effectively communicate the college's graphic identity. They often create some of the first impressions key constituents form of the college, so it is important they fully reflect the graphic identity design elements.

The content of displays should be targeted to the audience. A display created for prospective undergraduate students would look much different than a display created for an internal campus audience.

The Public Information Office can help in creating customizable banners, signage and displays incorporating the college's graphic identity for use by all campuses, centers, departments and student organizations. The Public Information Office has gathered specified materials, color samples, as well as a list of signage and display vendors that can help create cost effective display or signage solutions. Please contact the Public Information Office for assistance in developing all marketing displays, banners, and signage, or 416-7716.

In special circumstances of timing considerations, working with the Public Information Office may not be an option.  In this case, please use the guide below to coordinate the production of your signage, banner, or display.  The information below contains Signature (logo) guidelines and the approved Color Scheme found in this publication. Below are the approved specifications for banner/signage vinyl and paint.

Specifications for Vinyl Signage and Banners

  • Background Material Color: White or a Neutral Cool Gray
  • Signature (logo) Forrest Green: Calon, CalPlus, Imperial Green No. 35
  • Signature (logo) Ocean Blue: Calon, CalPlus, Evening Blue No. 38
  • Signature (logo) Black: Calon, CalPlus, Black No. 03

Specifications for Signage Exterior Paint Colors

Paint colors were speced using Cloverdale Interior/Exterior Paint (CP). If Cloverdale Paint (CP) is unavailable, a suitable color match should be made using the Cloverdale color wheel, or equivalent Pantone Matching System (PMS) numbers.

  • Background Material Color: PMS Cool Gray 1c – CP 8300
  • Signature (logo) Forrest Green: PMS 341c – CP 7549
  • Signature (logo) Ocean Blue: PMS 7344 – CP 7344
  • Signature (logo) Black: PMS Process Black – CP8253