Skagit Valley College logo

Color Palette

Official Color Scheme

The official core colors of the college logo are not Cardinal Red and White. Although Cardinal Red does invoke strong feelings about SVC and is used around campus in a variety of "spirit" materials, it is the color used to denote the SVC's sports mascot. The core colors of the college logo have been adopted as the official academic colors of Skagit Valley College and are reflected in the color scheme of our current signature (logo). Use of the college's official logo colors, Ocean Blue (Pantone® 543), Forest Green (Pantone® 341), and 100% Process Black are critical when reproducing the college's signature (logo).

An official college color scheme was developed to compliment the Core Signature (logo) Colors with campus signage, wall colors, trim, and accents.

Listed in the layers below are suggested PMS and paint colors which compliment the Core Colors. Using these colors in all aspects of our district wide interior/exterior and landscape design will help integrate SVC's Graphic Identity into the campus environment.

Contact or 416-7716 if you have color palette questions.

SVC Graphic Identity Color Scheme