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Website Templates

The following is a list of templates currently available in the college's Content Management System.

  1. Department – allows for one photo, one header and body text, includes a side bar for contact information and department links. (Allows for slight custom html editing)
  2. Calendar – Insert, dates and events into the template form and the template organizes them into a chronological, scrolling table format calendar. (Allows limited custom html editing)
  3. Photos – Creates automatic thumbnails from photos that you upload to the template, allows for insertion of explanation header. (No custom html editing)
  4. News – Most commonly used template on the SVC site. Allows multiple pictures, headers and body copy. Limited external link capabilities. (Allows custom html editing)
  5. Links – Allows you to easily organize outside links that you want surfers to have access to. Type in Header, description and URL (No custom html editing)
  6. External Links – Simply creates one link in a directory that will go to one URL. (No custom html editing)
  7. Uploaded Files – Upload any kind of file format to the web server, give it a header and description and pick the file. Once loaded, surfers can browse to the page and download the files that you have uploaded. (Limited custom html editing)
  8. Contacts – Simply type in names, titles, numbers, email and addresses to create a automatically formatted contacts page. (No custom html editing)
  9. Polls – Create Questionnaires for surfers to participate in. Results are emailed to a specified address and can be uploaded to the page for viewing. (Limited custom html editing)