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Editing Guidelines

Content Management System Editing Guidelines

Since most of the pages on the website utilize the News template; each unit should use the Heading, Body, Photo, and Link areas of the News template, when adding content to their pages. Although the other templates in the CMS use a similar editing structure, some of the features may vary. In general, these are the most common editable areas in all templates.

Headings: When adding a new item to the news template you can type in a heading into the Heading field. All font sizing and coloring of the header text is automatically generated by the CMS.

Body: The Body text field was set up to except formatting and pasted text directly from Microsoft Word, and Excel. Even tables created in Word and Excel can be copied into the Body field.  All information that is being placed into each Body field on the page should first be constructed, formatted, and spell checked in Word or Excel. Before copying and pasting your body text into the CMS, you should first highlight all of the text and make the font style and size Arial, 9 pt. This is the official approved typeface and font size of the SVC Website.

Underlining, bolding, and italicizing should be used sparingly. Especially avoid underlining as the effect would lead a viewer to assume that the underlined text is a link. Do not color the text in Word or Excel, unless absolutely necessary. Special noted text can be highlighted by using the red color in the Word and Excel Palette. Beyond this use, text coloring should only be done using the style's approved by the Public Information Office. Paragraph spacing within each body section should be limited to one carriage return. The spacing between each item in the News Template is automatically generated and cannot be changed.

Photos: All photos, logos, graphics and other images must be pre-approved by the By the Public Information Office. There are limited pre-approved image galleries that include photos taken by the Public Information Office that can be used in your web pages. Please consult the Public Information Office for photo information, or to schedule photos to be taken. Only JPG files can be uploaded using the News and Photo template. When uploading a photo from your desktop into the CMS, you are allowed to set the thumbnail width of the photo. This is the size that the photo will appear on your page. As a default the CMS sets your uploaded photos to 150 pixels. As a rule of thumb, for optimum visual clarity, thumbnails should be set between 150 – 300 pixels. Each page will vary depending on the text that is wrapping around the photo. Experiment with the sizing to see what fits best on your pages. Please note that when replacing photos, or resizing photos in the News Template you must delete the photo that is currently there, before reloading the newly sized image.

Contact the Public Information Office if you have any questions or requests regarding Photos, or other graphic images.

Links: You can create links from the News template by using the Link field and the URL field. Type the name of your link into the Link field and the address for the link into the URL field. You may link to areas outside of the college, for information that is appropriate to your web pages, or you can link to pages already in the CMS. Because our CMS utilizes a database for information storage, the links for you pages will contain the database string. If you are making a link to a page within the CMS, you only need to copy the URL after the

For example: To link to this page, you only need to copy in the address within the bolded area.

Remember that when linking to pages outside of the college, the http:// must be included to make the links function.

Going Live

It is important to remember that when you edit and create web pages in the admin that is created for your unit, you are actually editing pages on our development server. All websites are set to automatically GO LIVE at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM each day. If an emergency arises and you need your info to go live immediately, please contact James Walters, Benjamin St. Germain, or Lucas Hansey.

If you wish to make a request for new web services, or make changes to existing pages, you must complete the Public Information Office Project Request Form. Due to the volume of our requests, web project completion dates will need to be calculated on a case by case basis.