Skagit Valley College logo

Improper Use of the SVC Logo


Never alter or redraw the signature elements. They should not be rearranged, rotated, animated, shadowed, or rendered in three-dimensional form without prior authorization. Do not place the signature elements inside any other shape or combine them with any other symbol or graphic. The logotype has been customized for the college; therefore units should always reproduce the signature (logo) from authorized digital files or authorized reproduction-quality originals.


Unacceptable Graphic Techniques and Usage


Do not reconfigure or redraw the signature.
Rotating the signature is not allowed.
Resetting the type is not allowed.
Do not change the color scheme of the signature.
In certain situations it is acceptable to use the typeface on its own, particularly in small print and online situations. Contact the PIO to discuss its use and obtain a typeface logo.
Do not use the graphic element on its own without the rest of the logo elements.