Skagit Valley College logo

The Official College Seal

The newly developed Skagit Valley College seal unifies several prominent environmental landmarks within our geographic location. The red 1926-year banner represents the year the college was first established and the color red that has become synonymous with our Cardinal athletic history. The sun burst behind the traditional lamp of learning represents learning coming to life. The prominent shield element depicts the geographic locations of each of our campuses and centers. The mountain/valley/river represents the Mount Vernon Campus; the islands and expanding water represent the Whidbey Island Campus, San Juan and South Whidbey Island centers, while the inclusion of the bridge represents the physical connection of our district. The olive branches that adorn each side of the shield are traditional educational symbols denoting peace, victory, and accomplishment and often are used to give college seals a ceremonial stature. Finally, the words "Opportunity, Learning and Community" represent our commitment to providing learning opportunities to the communities we serve.

The official Skagit Valley College seal is used on formal documents, i.e., on diplomas or other official administrative communications emanating from the President's Office or the Board of Trustees. The seal is also used for official ceremonial functions such as Commencement and appears on approved plaques, flags, or furniture.

The seal is not the college logo. It should not be used on stationery or brochures as a logo. Generally, it should be reserved for official and ceremonial functions.

Please contact or 416-7716 with any questions that you might have concerning proper use and reproduction of the college seal.