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The Cardinal Mascot

Fighting Cardinal Mascot

The Fighting Cardinal Mascot was developed for use in promoting and displaying the spirit of the college's sports teams. Although the Cardinal image engenders strong feelings about SVC and is used around campus in a variety of "spirit" materials, it is a sports symbol and is not to be used in academic or institutional publications. Listed below are specifications for reproducing the Fighting Cardinal Mascot in print and digital publications. The Fighting Cardinal Mascot is available for downloading from the Graphic Identity website. Please contact or 416-7716 regarding official use of the mascot.

Cardinal Red
  • Spot color coated: Pantone® 1797
  • Spot color uncoated: Pantone® 1797
  • CMYK: Four-color process formula 0/100/99/4
  • Web or other screen media: Hexidecimal D62027
  • RGB 214/32/39
  • Vinyl Color: Scotchcal Cardinal Red 3630-53

Mascot Gold
  • Spot color coated: Pantone® 129
  • Spot color uncoated: Pantone® 129
  • CMYK: Four-color process formula 0/16/77/0
  • Web or other screen media: Hexidecimal FFC03E
  • RGB 255/192/62
  • Vinyl Color: Scotchcal Golden Yellow 3630-125

Mascot Black
  • Spot color coated: 100% Process Black
  • Spot color uncoated: 100% Process Black
  • CMYK: Four-color process formula 0/0/0/100
  • Web or other screen media: Hexidecimal 000000
  • RGB 0/0/0
  • Vinyl Color: Scotchcal Black 3630-22 or Calon, CalPlus, Black No. 03