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LIA Registration Procedures

Steps For Getting Started

To register for Learning Into Action, you must:

  1. Complete an Online Orientation and Quiz
    • The Orientation covers program prodecures, course objectives, contract completion, community resources and the forms needed to complete the project.
    • The Quiz is at the bottom of the page
  2. Identify what type of learning experience you are interested in. Students are encouraged to discuss project ideas with their faculty sponsor.
  3. Set up your LIA project or work opportunity. Students are responsible for arranging for and securing any LIA work placement in the community or on campus. (Other independent or department-assistant projects can be developed with the cooperation of your SVC Faculty Sponsor.)
  4. Plan your project and write at least three Learning Objectives you want to achieve with your project.
  5. Once you have found a placement with a site supervisor and have identified your faculty sponsor, complete the Applied Learning Contract, including signature approval of your Learning Objectives. (Students may download the Applied Learning Contract and other Forms by visiting the LIA Forms page.)
  6. Contact the SVC LIA Coordinator to gain the correct Line Number and course entry codes to complete your registration.

LIA Quiz

Answer the questions below by cutting and pasting them into an email, then add your answers and email them to the SVC LIA Coordinator –

  1. What documents are turned in to the Faculty Sponsor?
  2. Who will give you your line number and course entry code to register for LIA?
  3. How many hours of LIA experience are required for one LIA credit?
  4. List the typical components of a good LIA project.

Please email the LIA coordinator if you have any other question.