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Multicultural Student Services Contacts


For information or assistance with programs, counseling or other multicultural issues please contact one of our staff members listed below.

Anita Ordóñez

Director of Multicultural Student Services
Phone: 360.416.7786

I am the full-time director of Multicultural Student Services as well as the advisor to the Calling All Colors Club. I have been involved in the field of multicultural education for 37 years. I have taught kindergarten through college age students of all ethnic backgrounds; worked as a bilingual educator in Southern California, a special educator on an Arizona Indian reservation, a bilingual consultant for a major Michigan school district, and as a multicultural teacher trainer in Idaho. Besides serving as your director, counselor and club advisor, I teach student leadership seminar each quarter and facilitate the annual Champions of Diversity Awards Ceremony. I thoroughly enjoy working with students of all backgrounds and look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Yadira Rosales

Educational Planner, Diversity and Multicultural Populations

My name is Yadira Rosales and I am currently the Educational Planner for Diveristy and Multicultural Populations and it is a job I love and enjoy doing. I work with students from diverse backgrounds and guide them through the steps of pursuing their higher education. I am currently a graduate student in Woodring College of Education in the Continuing and College Education program at Western Washington University (WWU). My family migrated from Mexico when I was 9 years old, where my family had spent more than three generations working in agricultural fields. My father wanted my siblings and I to have a better education and opportunities. My parents had only an elementary education but they encourage me to think about the great possibilities education would bring to my life. I was the first in my family to graduate from high school, setting the steps for my other four siblings. I began my pursuit of higher education at Skagit Valley College and graduated with a direct transfer degree to WWU in the spring of 2009. At WWU I declared my major in Psychology and minor in Women Studies. I graduated from WWU with a Bachelor degree in winter 2012. At this moment in my life I can already see the advantages and the change education has made in my life. As a graduate student, I have learned to value my education and share the knowledge I have acquire to better serve my community. I believe dreams and hopes for a better life are always attainable as long as we don't set ourselves limits. My goal is to pursue a doctorate and become an educational administrator so that I can have an impact on my community and provide equal education access to students who are underrepresented and marginalized.

No Photo AvailableElizabeth Serrano

Bilingual Outreach Assistant

No Photo AvailableJiyeon Jeong

Overall Chair, Calling All Colors Club