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Thinking of coming to SVC? Maybe Human Services is for you!


Our program is designed to prepare you for an entry-level job in the Human Service industry.  Our program has a core set of classes that all students must complete.  Students in their second quarter will choose which degree option they wish to pursue, Generalist or Chemical Dependency.  Although each degree option provides a closer focus the core classes ensure that our students are provided a well rounded education. 


What Classes will I take?


The Human Service program includes classroom training in interpersonal communications, counseling, ethics, case management, crisis intervention and chemical dependency.  Many courses are offered sequentially and students are expected to take courses in sequence.  See our sample schedules for more information.  The program's full time instructors serve as student advisors. 


In addition to class work students will enroll in Practicum.  Practicum is the work-based education aspect of our program.  Students will integrate their classroom learning with work-based leaning by completing a total of 15 credits (450 work hours) of supervised practicum work.  Students enrolled in Practicum (HSERV 199) must enroll concurrently in the Practicum Seminar class (HSERV 200).  Students will gain knowledge and experience through work experience.  Practicum provides the student with the opportunity to pursue their own learning objectives.

Generalist & Chemical Dependency; what is the difference?


The Generalist track will provide the student with a well rounded Human Service education.  Students in this track will pursue classes and practicum experience that prepares them for an entry-level job in a vast number of positions or agencies.  The Generalist track fulfills requirements needed for the student to begin an internship towards a counseling license.


For further information about Generalist focus please consult our Frequently Asked Questions then contact Jere LaFollette or call (360)416-7749.


The Chemical Dependency (C.D.) track is offered for students who wish to focus on C.D. rehabilitation and pursue an internship towards their Chemical Dependency Professional (C.D.P) certification.  The student will take classes that directly fulfills Department of Health requirements toward acquiring the C.D.P. 


The C.D. focus prepares the student for work as a Chemical Dependency counselor in various settings from detoxification units to residential treatment programs. 


For further information please consult our Frequently Questions Asked then contact Bob Malphrus via email or calling (360) 416-7704.


The Generalist and CD tracks can be taken concurrently. 

Regardless of the track you choose, our students work together as a cohesive group towards completing their degree.  We stress group participation in order to prepare you for the professional world.

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