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On-The-Job Learning

That is what practicum is!  Students will complete a total of 15 credits (450 work hours) of Practicum.  Your internship is where "the rubber meets the road" as one of our instructors likes to stay.  It will be your opportunity to apply your classroom learning to the job environment.

Can I get paid?

Yes you can.  Many agencies offer paid practicum placements.  However, not all do, it is entirely up to the agency.  SVC cannot make any promises that there will be paid practicum placements available but there is no rule against a student earning money at a practicum.

Where will I be doing my practicum?

You could work at almost any Human Services agency!  We have students doing practicum at almost all levels of the spectrum, local, out of county, state and even national.  Visit our Employer Links page to see just some of the employers.

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