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Rising Stars - Alumni News

Manuel Delgado

As a non-English speaking 13 year old, Manuel Delgado '07, arrived in Burlington, Washington from Oaxaca, Mexico in 1994 and began classes at Sedro-Woolley High School. He learned English quickly, graduated in 2000 and was one of the first students to receive a Champions of Diversity scholarship to attend SVC. That fall he started college, and as the oldest and only son soon found himself in a dilemma. His family needed him to work full time in order to survive. What should he do? He decided to drop everything except for his math class and went to work for Pacific Woodtec, a private label engineer wood product manufacturer. In 2005 he realized he wanted a professional career and decided to become a firefighter. He took the Math 100 class needed for the program where he met John Ogden, the math instructor. John noticed his affinity for numbers and began encouraging him to study Accounting as a career. Manuel agreed and joined the OFTEC program, majoring in Accounting. This June, he graduates as the OFTEC Department's Outstanding Student and begins his professional career as the Full-Charge Bookkeeper/CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for SIRG (Skagit Island Rehabilitation Group). His future plans include becoming a CPA and starting his own CPA firm in Skagit County. Way to go Manuel–we are so proud of you!

Maria Tapia

Maria Tapia '04 was born in Los Angeles California, moved to Washington State when she was 9 years old and has lived in this state ever since. She learned English as a youngster in school, while at home only Spanish was spoken. She attended LaVenture Middle School, graduated in 2000 from Mount Vernon High School and then attended Skagit Valley College. While at SVC she was an active member of MEChA and served as secretary and then as president her last year. She also worked in the SVC library and Admissions Office. In 2004 she received her AAUCT and then transferred to Central Washington University. It was difficult, but with effort and commitment she was able to complete the Teacher Education program. She graduated in June 2007 with her Bachelor's; degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Bilingual Education. She currently works at West View Elementary in Burlington as a substitute teacher and an instructional assistant. Her plans for the future include teaching and becoming the best teacher ever known. She also wants to be a great role model for the community and encourage students to further their education. Way to go Maria!!!! 

Niru Bhander

Niru Bhanderi '03and her family migrated from India to Zambia when she was a young girl. In 2001 she discovered Skagit Valley College on the internet while looking for colleges near (but not too near) relatives in Seattle. She enrolled and began working for both International Programs and Multicultural Student Services. While at SVC she was the overall chair of Calling All Colors, emcee for the Champions of Diversity Awards ceremony and organizer of the International Dinner.
Niru graduated from SVC with honors and transferred to the University of Washington where she majored in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Upon her graduation she was hired by Washington Audiology Services (WAS) to perform occupational hearing testing and training. She traveled all over the West Coast driving a van filled with equipment and met all types of workers in various industries. She recently returned home to Zambia after 6 years and met with family and friends including her best friend Roselane Miller (also an SVC graduate) who is in the Peace Corps in Swaziland. Niru recently received her H-1 visa which allows her to work in the USA and she is doing client liaison work for WAS. In the future she plans to earn a graduate degree in the health sciences field.

Mei Huang

As a teenager, Mei Huang '01, immigrated to the United States from China without speaking a word of English. She earned her GED and enrolled at Skagit Valley College in 1999. During her time at SVC, she became the chair of Calling All Colors and organized the first Chinese New Year Celebration for the campus. In 2001 she transferred to the University of Washington and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business. Now just four classes short of receiving her MBA, Mei is working on her real estate license. After making two real estates sales where she earned more than $14,000 she has been hired by Remax in their Seattle office. Her goals are to buy her father a house, go to Africa with Oprah Winfrey, own a skyscraper like Donald Trump and to give back to SVC when she makes her millions. What Mei says, Mei will accomplish.  Just watch her!

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