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Mental Health Resources

Compass Health

Compass Health has a comprehensive range of behavioral health programs serving children, youth, adults, and older adults from a variety of income levels and ethnic cultures. Clients may be experiencing a crisis, seeking assistance for an emotional or behavioral problem, have both a mental health problem and a chemical dependency problem, or be chronically mentally ill.

We also provide consultation, training and education services to other medical providers, law enforcement and correction facilities, corporate employers and the community at large.

Individual, Group and Family Counseling, Crisis Response Services, The Dean Brooks Psychiatric Clinic, Parenting Support and Child Development Resources, Culturally Sensitive and Relevant Services, Meeting Complex Needs, For Adults, For Older Adults, For Children and Youth, Groups and Classes, Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Concerns, Rehabilitative Services, For Adults, For Youth, Housing,Inpatient Treatment,Employment Services, Chemical Dependency The Dean Brooks Psychiatric Clinic provides psychiatric evaluations, consultations, and medication management services for adults, children, and adolescents.
Compass Health

Catholic Community Services - Skagit County

Skagit County Family Center We offer Mental Health Counseling, and Social Services to residents of Skagit County. We are a licensed Community Mental Health Agency: Serving low-income children and families as a member of the Associated Provider Network (APN). Serving people of all ages funded by insurance, private pay, and special contracts. Most of our services are provided at no cost or minimal cost to the client. Over the years we have expanded from one or two staff providing counseling two or three days a week to our current staff of 20 who offer mental health services for children and their families. These include parenting education and children's therapeutic groups, supervised visitation, ADHD/ADD testing, mental health consultation, critical needs funding, and foster care licensing for our CHAP program.

Current services include: Children and Family,Counseling and Mental Health, Ederly and Disabled Services Catholic Community Services - Skagit County Family Center

Washington Women In Need - Mental Health Counseling Grant

Washington Women in Need (WWIN) is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to low-income women from across the State of Washington to help with health care and education. We offer grant funding for mental health counseling services; dental, vision, and hearing health services; and tuition, books, and supplies for higher education.

Skagit County Community Wellness Program

Skagit County Community Wellness Program

What is the Community Wellness Program?

Skagit County Human Services' Community Wellness Program (CWP) links eligible Skagit County residents who do not have access to mental health services to limited counseling services from private mental health professionals in the community.

Who is eligible for the Community Wellness Program?

Individuals who have not been able to access services from the public mental health system and who do not have the financial resources to pay for mental health counseling services.

How does the Community Wellness Program work?

To determine eligibility the Case Manager will meet with the individual to conduct a brief financial and mental health screening, verify Skagit County residency, clarify the individual's mental health needs, and help him/her identify available options.  

If the individual is eligible for the CWP, the Case Manager will help him/her develop a plan for short-term counseling, apply for benefits through the Department of Social and Health Services, Basic Health, etc.  If the individual does not qualify for the CWP the Case Manager will help him/her identify other community resources.

How many counseling sessions does the Community Wellness Program offer?

Individuals may receive up to three counseling sessions from a private mental health professional.  After three sessions the Case Manager will meet with that person to help enroll her/him in community mental health services, or possibly authorize up to six more counseling sessions with a private provider.

How can I contact the Community Wellness Program?

For more information contact Roger Capron, Case Manager, at 360-419-3379