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Mount Vernon Campus Update

Regarding the status of operations for Sunday, September 25th: SVC MV Campus is open Sunday, 9/25/16 for normal operations, classes, and events. Our thoughts remain with the families of the victims during this tragic time.


Learning Communities Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Community?

These are two classes offered together around a theme. Examples are world history paired with music, biology with composition, or math and a math anxiety course. The courses explore the connections between the two areas and how they intersect and connect. When a course is combined with an English composition course, the pairing provides a context for learning writing skills and a specific subject area. The writing assignments are based on the content or subject that you are learning. You receive credit for both classes.

What am I required to take as part of my AA-DTA?

Transfer students need three integrative learning experiences in order to fulfill graduation requirements.  Two must be learning communities.  The third may be an integrative experience project or a third learning community.

What if I am seeking an ATA degree?

Although Learning Communities are not required for ATA degrees, if you need to enroll in pre-college level math or English or reading course, you may find that a Learning Community can help reinforce your learning in those disciplines.

How do these classes apply to my degree?

Each 100-level or 200-level course contained in the Learning Community will count toward your other degree requirements in communication, quantitative reasoning, natural world, social sciences/culture, arts & humanities or physical education.

Why are these courses required?

When two different courses combine around a theme, there are connections to explore and this helps to learn the information and to apply it. In other words, by seeing the connections or overlapping of two different areas the learning becomes more concrete or applicable. Similarly, research shows that combining writing with another subject improves your comprehension of that subject while improving your writing skills.

Are Learning Communities harder than taking a course that isn't connected to another subject?

Just like with everything else it depends on the learner. What is hard for you isn't necessarily hard for someone else. But these courses aren't designed to be harder or to have more work. They are two classes combined, so always check your quarterly credit amount and be sure you aren't overburdened, no matter what types of classes you chose to enroll.

Are Learning Communities always 10 credits?

No, they vary in credit value depending on the courses. They could be 5 to 12 quarter credits depending on what courses form the class.

Are there different Learning Communities offered each quarter?

Yes, each quarter there are different offerings on both campuses and on line. Please check the quarterly schedule for a list of what is being taught.