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Worker Retraining

Eligibility and Getting Started

Worker Retraining is a state-funded program that provides job-related training and employment services to dislocated and unemployed workers to help them gain additional training in their existing field or get started on a new career path.

Students in the Worker Retraining Program have diverse backgrounds, education levels, and types of work experience.  You may be eligible for Worker Retraining if you:

  • Have been laid off or have received a layoff notice from a WA state employer AND
  • Are currently receiving or are eligible to receive Washington state unemployment benefits; OR
  • Have exhausted Washington state employment benefits within the past 24 months.
  • Need to upgrade your skills to remain employed.

Training include short-term certificates and up to two-year technical degree programs. Because the Worker Retraining Program is designed for retraining and rapid reemployment, programs designed for transfer to a
four-year college or university are not approved.  SVC Worker Retraining Financial Aid provides funding for tuition and books for approved programs. The SVC Worker Retraining Program works closely with Washington State Employment Security, Northwest Workforce Council and Work Source.  Approval from Employment Security (Commissioner Approved Training) is required to enroll in a training program while drawing unemployment benefits.

For more information
Lisa Barnett: 360.416.7649