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Jan  1 1900 12:00AM

students working on a Marine Propulsion system

Marine Maintenance Technology

Marine Systems here students learn to install, repair, diagnose, troubleshoot and maintain critical systems on a boat or ship, including: electrical, electronic, communication, navigation, HVAC, plumbing and sanitation. You will work in teams, learning to identify and solve problems while gaining first hand experience with the complex and challenging environment of today's on-board systems technologies. The program prepares students for the ABYC and NMEA certification exams (taken on campus) and to apply their skills to virtually any professional scenario.

Composites Technology the marine industry was among the very first to use composites. Composites are found in many industries: marine, aerospace, construction, transportation, energy, high impact sports and medicine. The materials are strong, longer lasting and lighter. The student will start with the foundation in core processes and techniques and move to the leading edge of advanced composites knowledge and skills, learning vacuum infusion processing, advanced composites molding and tooling, restoration and repair processes, light resin transfer method and CAD principles and operations. You will work toward the American Composite Manufacturer's Association (ACMA) certification exam (taken on campus). For a full description of the composite course, please refer to the Composite Technology page.

Marine Propulsion here students learn how to install, maintain, diagnose and commission marine gasoline, diesel and outboard engines. Students learn on state of the art technology, including cutting edge hybrid and alternative fuel technology. You will be prepared to sit for ABYC certification exams (taken on campus).


We have students from Maine, Washington, Mexico and South Korea. Students come to the program just out of high school, the military and other careers.


With tuition waivers for out-of-state students, the program is affordable, providing tremendous value for each education dollar invested. And because of the cost of living in the area is so reasonable, international students find the costs and lifestyle of the area to be a tremendous draw.

Sounds great, doesn't it? So, what's next? Here are some basics to get you started:

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