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Award Letter Received

Award letters are mailed to students as soon after the file has been reviewed and an award made. Financial aid award letters my take from 8 - 12 weeks to be processed during peak times.

Upon receipt of the award letter the student must do the following:

  1. Print a copy of the award letter
  2. Sign and date the award letter and mail or bring it to the Financial Aid Office in Mount Vernon or Oak Harbor.

    Skagit Valley College
    Financial Aid Office
    2405 E. College Way
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273

  3. Acceptance of the awards offered will be an acceptance by the student that they have read and understand the information contained in the following documents:
    1. Satisfactory Progress Policy
    2. Conditions of Award
    3. State Need Grant recipients must read and accept the Conditions of Award regarding State Need Grant on the Satisfactory Progress Policy
  4. Students who will be receiving a check for any type of financial aid funds must print a copy of the Attendance Verification Form and use that form with picture Identification for receipt of any financial aid check.

Satisfactory Progress Policy
Conditions of Award
Guide to Financing Your Education