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General Studies AA

This entire degree can be completed online.


The Associate in Arts General Studies Degree is appropriate for students whose primary goal is to earn a two-year college degree. It may be suitable for you if you wish to apply credit by challenge, independent study, CLEP, professional/technical, or military programs to courses not included in the University and College Transfer Degree where applicable.

This degree is not designed to be a transfer degree. It is strongly recommended that students taking the AA General Studies degree and desiring to transfer to a four-year college or university seek the assistance of an advisor to plan an appropriate course of study.

Degree Requirements

This degree requires a total of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 level or above. At least 25 quarter credits must be earned at Skagit Valley College with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Credits must satisfy requirements listed below.

NOTE: Common course numbers are in boldface italics.

1. Communication Skills (11-15 cr.)

  • English 101 (5 cr.)
  • Communication Studies 210, 220, or 230  or Academic English as a Second Language 105 (5 cr.)
  • English (103, 104, 170), Communication Studies (125, 210, 220, 230) or Academic English as a Second Language 105 (3-5 cr.)

2. Physical Education (3 cr.)

At least two courses must be activities.

3. Natural Science/Technologies (15 cr.)

Select no more than 10 credits from one area, including Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Conservation 202 or 245, Geology, Mathematics, Natural Science, Nutrition, Oceanography, Physics, or ATA Technologies.

4. Social Sciences (15 cr.)

Select no more than 10 credits from one department, including Anthropology, Business Administration, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Science and Sociology.

5. Humanities (15 cr.)

Select no more than 10 credits from one department including Art, Communication Studies 205 and 141, Drama, English, Ethnic Studies 100, World Languages, Humanities, Music, and Philosophy.

6. Electives (27-31 cr.)

In order to accumulate 90 college-level (100 or higher) credits for the degree, you will need elective credits. You may select electives from the distribution list in the Natural World, Arts or Culture, or other academic courses. A maximum of 45 credits from "gray areas" are allowed in this degree. Professional/technical credits, credits by examination, independent study, PE activity credits beyond two credits, military credits, DANTES, CLEP, Advanced Placement exams and seminars, workshops are examples of "gray area" credits. Consult your academic advisor or credit evaluator.