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Changing Your Network Password

Internet Explorer Instructions

Note that these instructions only work if you HAVE NOT been migrated to Office 365.  If you have been migrated to Office 365, please change your password on-campus or contact the Help Desk for futher help: or 360.416.7766

  1. Log on to Outlook Web Access at
  2. Click Options in the left-hand pane, scroll down to the Password section in the right-hand pane, and click Change Password.
  3. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, click here to continue the instructions, otherwise continue with step 4.
  4. In the "Connect to" window enter your user name and current password as follows:
    1. User name: MV\FirstName.LastName
      Note: you must include the "MV" and must exclude ""
    2. Password: ********


Mine would look like this:

In the "Internet Service Manager" window seen below, note that the Domain and Account fields are auto populated and you just need to enter your old password, new password, confirm the new password, and click OK (not the Reset button as that is for clearing the form, not resetting the password)
Note: See criteria for creating passwords below.


Criteria for creating passwords:


  • Minimum Length – 8 characters
  • Passwords must include three of the following four types of characters:
    1. Lowercase
    2. Uppercase
    3. Numbers
    4. Special characters such as   ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) { } [ ]
  • Passwords cannot contain any part of your name
  • Old passwords cannot be reused for five iterations

REMEMBER: Passwords are case sensitive while the user name or login name is not.

Other Browser Instructions

If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer you will need to fill in the "Domain" and "Account" fields yourself. If you are working out of the Mount Vernon campus you would enter "MV" for your Domain and if you are working out of Whidbey, San Juan Center, or South Whidbey Center, you would put "WIC" as your Domain. For the "Account" field just enter your username as First.Last. The screen shots below are what you would see if you were using the Safari web browser. You would see similar screens if you were using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser.



If you are from the Mount Vernon campus and need assistance changing your password,
please call the MV Help Desk at 360-416-7766.



If you are from WIC, SJC, or SWC and need assistance, please call the WIC Help Desk
at 360-675-6656 x6341