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Student Life Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I obtain a student handbook?

    Student Handbooks are located in the Student Life Office and are free to currently registered students. These handbooks are full of useful information, calendar and other items to help you be as successful as a student. During the first week of each quarter the ASSVC Student Government will hand out Student Handbooks.

  2. Where can I get a list of clubs/organizations at Skagit Valley College?

    Clubs and advisors are listed in the Student Handbook. However, some of the clubs may become inactive throughout the academic year. To check on the status of a club, call or email the advisor who is listed in the handbook, or call the Student Life Office at 416-7611 for Mount Vernon or 360-679-5311 for Whidbey Island Campus.

  3. Where can I get a list of off-campus housing?

    You can find a list of off-campus housing on the SVC website under Student Life and housing. For information on Campus View Village (on-campus housing) please call (360) 416-7650 or email

  4. How can I get approval to post an ad for an item I have for sale, or to announce an upcoming event?

    All advertisements must come through the Student Life Office and must be approved before posting.

    Note: Student Life has the right to decline any advertisement due to inappropriate, offensive or degrading content and/or images.

  5. Are display cases for campus use only?

    Yes, display cases are only for campus use.

  6. Where can I find this year’s S&A Fee allocations?

    Click on the following link and scroll all the way down towards the bottom of the webpage.

  7. Where can I find information in regards to the Student Technology Fee (committee, allocations and funding proposals)?

    Click on the following link:

  8. Where can I find information in regards to transportation (bus schedules, carpool parking, and parking)?

    Click on the following like to learn more about public transportation or while in the Student Life webpage move curser to the left navigation panel and click on "Services".

  9. Where can I find SVC’s calendar of events?

    There are six (6) ways SVC communicates with students in regards to information on events:

    1. Calendar of events to hang on campus for students to view.
    2. Flat screens located around campus with slideshows of upcoming community and SVC events.
    3. Student Announcement are sent out via email to students.
    4. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tumbler).
    5. Online calendar of events:

  10. Where can I get information about health insurance, or get answers to immunization questions, or any other health-related issues?

    On the Mount Vernon Campus, there are brochures with this information in the Student Life Office (C-50).
    On the Whidbey Island Campus, immunizations and health related paperwork is located in the Registration Office.

  11. How do I start a new club?
    • Define your purpose as a club and create a purpose statement.
    • Find an advisor (SVC Faculty or Staff).
    • Hold an interest meeting and find five (5) members (including yourself). You may also want to define your club officers at this time: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    • Decide if you want to be formal or informal.
    • Write your club constitution and submit it with a running membership roster to the ASSVC Constitutional Review Committee.